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    Family-owned and operated

    Full Scope offer sewing services to all of Northern Utah

    Full Scope Sewing began in 2014 with a passion for sewing and a desire to bring
    manufacturing back to America. Raised here in Utah, we have watched the manufacturing jobs go from right here in America to overseas factories where not only the cost goes down but so does the quality of the product. Our desire is to bring that work home, offer good employment, high quality products, and excellent customer service and we do it all right here in the beautiful Heber Valley.

    Over 30 Years of Experience

    We Specialize in Professional Manufacturing & Contract Sewing

    Full Scope Sewing has over 30 years of experience in professional manufacturing, and contract sewing. We stay up to date on the newest materials and machines to design, prototype, and manufacture your
    product. If you are tired of dealing with bigger companies who do not take the time to learn about your wants and needs, give Full Scope Sewing a call today. We have a vast amount of knowledge surrounding all types of sewing services, including leatherwork, repairs, and sewing fabrication. Our small team
    works with our clients to design and create the perfect product. Whether you need commercial contract sewing for a large number of items or an outdoor gear repair, the team at Full Scope Sewing does it all! We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our sewing services and our impeccable customer service skills.

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    For your next sewing repair or fabrication need, trust Full Scope Sewing. Our focus is on the product you wish the create. We will help walk you through the design, prototype, and fabrication phases, including samples and even high-quality rubber labels. We know you will love us and our wide array of sewing services for Orem and Heber City, UT, and the neighboring areas!

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    Jodi Taylor

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